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May 16, 2015

15-16 Apr 2015 APIA Concert to walking round Murwillumbah

15 Apr 2015

Joe Camilleri, Glen Shorrock, Brian Cadd and Kate Ceberano are fantastic performers. The concert at Twin Towns was spectacular. Everyone was rocking along. I particularly liked Brian Cadd’s rendition of ‘Woman You’re Breaking Me’ from 1967! He was in The Groop at the time and I still remembered all of the words. Boy was that a flashback to my early teenage years!

Dinner before the show with Barb, Phil and their friend, Fay, was an eye opener at the Twin Towns. It sure has changed since Peter and were there. Multi-storeyed to cater for thousands in bars, restaurants, cafes, pokies (of course) and entertainment galore from morning to night.

16 Apr 2015

Bit of a sleep-in this morning. Dragged myself out of bed around 10am after getting back at 1pm last night. Words to all the songs they sang are still playing in my head. My ears have stopped ringing thankfully.

Passed through a Koori festival at Knox Park before having breakfast/brunch at Sugar Beat. It was delicious. Muesli with fruit, yoghurt and berry coulis couldn’t be faulted. With a bucket of coffee to help wake me up, it was a perfect start to the day.

I wandered down to the library to pore through the craft books again. I love libraries! Photocopied some quilt patterns for future reference. Like I haven’t got enough!

Walked along  to Nicholl Park where the Coolamon Centre overlooks the Tweed River.

Went in search of the Murwillumbah Museum but it’s only open one Saturday a month and today is not one of them. Thought I’d walk up a mountain (large hill?) to the Lions Lookout. Took me half an hour and the view was not great but I did walk off my breakfast going uphill. Started to spit rain so got down much more quickly. Cooling down now waiting for Phil and Barb to pick me up.

Off to Uki, a little village similar to Olinda in the Dandenongs. Had a late lunch at the Lounge Lizard Cafe. Pumpkin focaccia was very tasty. Phil’s favoured destination, a pottery place, turned out to be a patchwork shop much to his disgust but my delight. I got out before I could see anything I wanted to buy. There were a couple of collectables shops with questionable antiques and huge price tags. I did buy a dried fruit/nut mix at one of the shops with interesting items though.

On to Tumbulgum where Karri and Brett live to feed their dogs while they are at a wedding. They have a huge house and yard on a property not far from the Tweed River. There’s a lovely drive along the banks, which is where the Tumbulgum pub is and our spot for lunch tomorrow.

Sammy prepared dinner for us all at Phil and Barb’s place. The dogs were eager as usual to make us welcome. We talked at length about families at the table. I told them about my addiction to and got their email addresses to sign them up as well! Updated my photos and blogs while Phil and Barb watched the footy.