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September 22, 2016

22 Sep 2016 Penang

Tried out the spectacular buffet breakfast at the E&O. Everything you could possibly imagine is included. Except perhaps bacon! Walked around the hotel then up Penang Rd. Peter bought a hat (another one) and I tried on a top but didn’t get it. Caught the CAT bus at Komptar. Got off and looked around Fort Cornwallis, strong coffee at the cafe in there, then along the foreshore to see the Buddy Bears that are touring as a symbol of peace. The one from Australia is done by Ken Done and has the Opera House on it! Back to the hotel for a rest. I’m catching up with my blogging. Trying to emulate the writers that have stayed at the E&O! Maybe I’ll get rich. Although I don’t think any writers get particularly rich with just writing.