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April 14, 2013

130414 Fremantle to Perth to Melbourne

Had breakfast with Tracy. She organised a transfer to Canberra at 9.10am. I tidied up my room and went out for a quick look at the E Shed market. It wasn’t worth the effort. They supposedly opened at 9am but there were barely a third of the stalls open not to mention some of them were empty all together. Very disappointing.
Then walked to Fremantle train station to check my options. Only costs $4 for two zones to get to Perth.
I decided to hike up Market St to the Fremantle Market. They were a better option. Not much different was there than when I went during the conference though. One of the kitchen shops was selling out so I got a salt mill and pepper grinder cheaper. A cute mini set that you can stick on your fridge!
Checked out right on 10am. Not far to Fremantle station and I managed to get a train straight away. Half an hour and fifteen stations later I was in Perth. Followed the crowd out of the station over a bridge and into a shopping centre. All the usual suspects were there. Had coffee at Bocelli’s Cafe overlooking a fountain that kids ran through pop-up sprays of water. It overlooked the post office and Commonwealth building.
Caught a taxi outside the station. Still cost me $30 even though I was more than halfway there from Fremantle!
Checked in with Virgin online with my phone! That is a first.

Flight home was a bit rough and the screen didn’t work for most of the way. Not as good a plane as the one I went to Perth on either. Only took three hours though. I got out of Melbourne airport as Peter was driving up to it. Good timing. Craig and Shaun cooked a barbecue dinner for me and had a few of their friends around to welcome me home!

My head is swimming with knowledge. It will take a while to debrief!

April 9, 2013

130409 Melbourne to Perth to Fremantle

My darling husband drove me to the airport this morning so I could fly to Perth for the IPEd National Editors Conference which is actually in Fremantle.

Spent my time on the plane watching a movie and listening to the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkle. The man next to me was very chatty but also very tired. He had come from Tasmania at 4.30am. Caroline from Perth Legacy very kindly picked me up from the airport and introduced me to everyone. I had lunch in South Perth and then caught a taxi to Fremantle. Had the code for the front door of Fremantle B&B texted to me then lugged my bag to the first floor. It is a small place, only maybe 6 rooms with shared bathrooms. Location, location, location though. At the end of the street is the RoundHouse, not far from the train and bus station and a 5 minute walk to The Esplanade Hotel where the conference is. Going out for a walk now. There are TWO bead shops in Fremantle. I may come home with 7kg of beads! That’s how much room I have left for the flight back.