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December 30, 2012

Queenscliff craft market and Sorrento by ferry

Rode into Queenscliff to peruse the craft market. Haven’t been there for quite a few years. The sun came out early today and so did every man and their dogs for the market! It’s quite large, many jewellery stalls, some the same as Barwon Heads. Bought some ‘snake oil’ that promises to fix everything from insect bites to carpal tunnel’. Let’s hope it works. Met up with Steph, Rodney, Jen and Daisy at the Lions spinning wheel. They were waiting for number 32 to come up . . . and it did! Proud winners of two fresh crayfish. Very exciting! We wandered around together for a while then they went off to the carnival and I finished perusing the market. 

By then it was 12 noon and I was just in time to catch the ferry to Sorrento. No dolphins on the trip but there was a small boat that got in the way. No damage but it came close. Off the ferry up to the main strip for some more perusing. It was even more busy than Queenscliff. Stopped for a coffee and a famous vanilla slice, so famous I can’t remember the name of the shop. Back on the 3pm ferry.

My accommodation has been everything I needed it to be. I’m staying at Point Lonsdale Cottages in Point Lonsdale Rd, Point Lonsdale. Mine is the back unit with a small deck outside. Great base to ride my bike around. Right on the bike trail. Close to Pt Lonsdale shops and about 5kms from Queenscliff. I can see the giant Christmas tree from my back window. Included are Natio toiletries, fruit, wi-fi, a spa, breakfast provisions and TimTams (I know you’re jealous Gilda). What more could I need?

Rode back into Queenscliff for dinner at Charlie Noble’s at Queenscliff Harbour. It has a lovely view over the marina and a sunny spot to just watch everything/one. Dinner was a cheese platter and tomato gnocchi, just enough.

Can’t believe it’s my last night away. Back to Melbourne and New Year’s Eve tomorrow.