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December 31, 2013

31 December 2013 Queenscliff to Melbourne

Well my wonderful four days away is over. Had a great time and did a lot of riding! It was good that Peter could come down for two days. Gave back my stylish red holiday bag to the op shop. Maybe it will be still there next year! Gave myself three hours to get to South Geelong station for the 12.26pm train. Made it with 15 minutes to spare. On the way back I went over a big bump and the attachment on my panniere broke so it dropped to the ground. My laptop was in it but it seems okay. Not happy Jan! With that and the flies, and head wind and phone calls I thought I’d never make it but I did. It was good to sit down and let someone else take me the rest of the way!

Now for planning the next adventure!

December 30, 2013

30 December 2013 Queenscliff to Portarlington

Breakfast at ?? They don’t have muesli so I had fruit toast. I left about 10am to go to Portarlington. Part of the way on the rail trail then Queenscliff-Portarlington Rd past Swan Bay where we had a caravan (sigh . . . ). It is a long way to the turn-off to St Leonards then a lot longer to get to St Leonards! It was a beautiful day and I rode the rest of the way along the Esplanade, past Indented Heads and into Portarlington. The water was sparkling, the sun was shining – just a perfect day for a ride. Had lunch in the main street then found where Cynthia and Robert live not far away. Cynthia and the kids were home so I popped in to say hi. Worked out that Robert’s kids are grand nephews and grand nieces to Peter and I. Had to leave by 2pm to get back for my 4pm massage appointment. That was great incentive to keep going and I really needed it by the time I got back! Went all the way along the foreshore back through St Leonards. There’s caravan parks most of the way now. By the time I got off Bluff Rd I was wishing I’d never started this venture! But I kept going and made it back in time for the massage by the skin of my teeth. It was really good and certainly well deserved! Now where to go to dinner?

December 28, 2013

28 December 2013 Queenscliff to Barwon Heads

Up for breakfast in Hesse St again. Can’t find the name of the place! Should take more notice. (Beaches – I looked). Muesli, fruit and yoghurt for me (no surprise there) and Peter’s usual bacon, eggs, chorizo (or there). Read the papers slowly then off to the Barwon Heads market. It really warmed up while we were having breakfast. Many jewellery stalls at the market with widely varying prices. Also found some mozzie repellent. I will try anything! They love me too much. Also got a stylish red sunhat! Peter bought some watermelon. Browsed the shops and who should I see but Mary’s daughter Michelle, and her daughter Jessica trying stuff on in a pop-up shop in the main street. With their cousin who lives near us! Walked around the rest of the shops. It was too hot so we came back to The Loft to chill out and have lunch with produce from The Farm Store in Hesse St!

Think I’ll take a swim in the ocean now. Back soon!

So much for my swim. The wind had changed and it was heaps cooler. Went for a walk along the ocean beach at the end of the street that the bowling club is in. Everyone was heading away from the beach. The sand hit your skin like little needles the wind was so strong. Saw another container ship go out and turn sharp left. Caught some seagulls splashing in the shallows. I think they were after what the tide was bringing in – whatever that was.

Off to Kelp in Pt Lonsdale for dinner. Delicious food. For entree I had crab meat on a betel leaf. For main a steak that melted in my mouth. Peter had calamari and the snapper for a main. No room for dessert. Wasn’t anything I fancied anyway.

Well that’s Saturday over!

December 30, 2012

Queenscliff craft market and Sorrento by ferry

Rode into Queenscliff to peruse the craft market. Haven’t been there for quite a few years. The sun came out early today and so did every man and their dogs for the market! It’s quite large, many jewellery stalls, some the same as Barwon Heads. Bought some ‘snake oil’ that promises to fix everything from insect bites to carpal tunnel’. Let’s hope it works. Met up with Steph, Rodney, Jen and Daisy at the Lions spinning wheel. They were waiting for number 32 to come up . . . and it did! Proud winners of two fresh crayfish. Very exciting! We wandered around together for a while then they went off to the carnival and I finished perusing the market. 

By then it was 12 noon and I was just in time to catch the ferry to Sorrento. No dolphins on the trip but there was a small boat that got in the way. No damage but it came close. Off the ferry up to the main strip for some more perusing. It was even more busy than Queenscliff. Stopped for a coffee and a famous vanilla slice, so famous I can’t remember the name of the shop. Back on the 3pm ferry.

My accommodation has been everything I needed it to be. I’m staying at Point Lonsdale Cottages in Point Lonsdale Rd, Point Lonsdale. Mine is the back unit with a small deck outside. Great base to ride my bike around. Right on the bike trail. Close to Pt Lonsdale shops and about 5kms from Queenscliff. I can see the giant Christmas tree from my back window. Included are Natio toiletries, fruit, wi-fi, a spa, breakfast provisions and TimTams (I know you’re jealous Gilda). What more could I need?

Rode back into Queenscliff for dinner at Charlie Noble’s at Queenscliff Harbour. It has a lovely view over the marina and a sunny spot to just watch everything/one. Dinner was a cheese platter and tomato gnocchi, just enough.

Can’t believe it’s my last night away. Back to Melbourne and New Year’s Eve tomorrow.

December 29, 2012

Barwon Heads market and Queenscliff walk

This morning I rode to Barwon Heads market. A bit ambitious but I made it! 10kms to Ocean Grove and maybe another 5kms to Barwon Heads! Think I went the long way around. Seemed quicker coming back. 

Tons of jewellery at the market. Found a lady that makes Kumihimo style pieces! Talked to her for a while in between customers. Also saw the hand sewn seed bead necklaces like Pat and I tried to do at the craft fair. They were selling for only $20. Got some ideas though. May have another bash at it. Bought a pair of earrings made by Koranta who is 19 years old and lives in Lesotho, South Africa. He is an orphan because of the AIDS pandemic.  The Jewels of Hope project helps orphaned children.

Quick lunch in Ocean Grove at the Voodoo Cafe then back to my room for a quick shower and on to Queenscliff for the historical walk. Five others joined me with Ken, our guide, for an hour and a half walk to look at buildings of significance with a few side stories. Afternoon tea at Athelstane House after with two Japanese ladies, Michael (Ken’s stepson) and another Michael and Aileen (who tried to convert me to God! No hope there). 

Meeting Steph at the Queenscliff market tomorrow. Maybe catch up for a coffee. 

Still deciding on where to have dinner tonight. Back to Queenscliff or Point Lonsdale again? Ahh decisions, decisions. Maybe back to Kelp in Point Lonsdale. Dinner there last night was delicious. Eye fillet steak and chocolate ambrosia to die for!Image

December 28, 2012

Sth Geelong to Point Lonsdale

While Peter’s away in Thailand I thought I’d go away for the weekend to Point Lonsdale. It took a while to find a V/line train though. The timetable said they stop at Newport but no. I tried to get one from North Melbourne but they didn’t stop there either! Finally got one from Footscray!  Train trip was good. Got to Sth Geelong by about 3pm. Found the Bellarine Rail Trail sign okay this time. Pat and I got a bit lost last time we tried. Don’t know where we were looking. It is quite large!

When I left home it was hot with a north wind. By the time I got to Sth Geelong it was cool with a south wind. So no tail wind to help me along. Used my GoPro camera again. Haven’t tried it since I went overseas. Forgot to turn it off though so the battery was dead by the time I got here. Accommodation is nice – a B&B on Point Lonsdale Rd near the big Christmas tree. Walked to dinner at an Italian restaurant in Point Lonsdale. By the time I got back to my room I was so tired I went straight to bed. 

Woke up to pouring rain this morning. This is not my idea of a beach holiday! Rode my bike to have breakfast in Point Lonsdale at the same restaurant as dinner. They are very friendly. A few other bike riders in there as well. It’s a great place to explore by bike. 

Off to Queenscliff after breakfast. Locked my bike up at the Queenscliff Historical Museum. It’s been much improved since I was there last. I was fascinated with the clothes and an enormous quilt from the 1800s. Started watching a video on the area that was really interesting but it went too long. Cruised the shops. The sun finally came out so I was a bit hot in all my bike gear with raincoat! Back to my room to change. Dinner in Point Lonsdale again. Tomorrow I plan to ride to the Barwon Heads market in the morning. Back into Queenscliff by 2pm for a historical walk around the old town. All this exercise is helping me sleep like a log.