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September 30, 2013

30 September 2013 On the way home from Warburton

Woke up to an extremely windy day in Warburton. I was worried about whether I could ride the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail or would have to get the bus again! It turned out the wind was in my favour for most of the way. I took a lot of short breaks and took in the scenery. It really is spectacular. So green and many birds to see along the way. Lots of ducks as well as parrots. There were a few crazy people riding the other way to me. I made good time and got to Wandin where I had lunch at 11.30am after leaving at 9am. Great cafe just off the rail trail. Took 3/4 hour to gather some strength for the rest of the journey after a chicken and salad sandwich and two coffees. Reached Lilydale in time to get the 1.10pm train to Flinders St. Just caught the Williamstown train by a few seconds. So glad I didn’t have to wait. Much better than the journey to Lilydale!