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September 23, 2014

22 Sep 2014 Lunch with Mike

21 Sep
Dinner last night was at Rajdani Indian Restaurant in West Kingsdown. It was really late and not much was open on a Sunday after the drive to Canterbury. The food was great. I had beef bhuna and Peter had butter chicken. Joe also joined us. The owners know Lin and Perry fairly well and are very friendly.

22 Sep
I made myself porridge for breakfast and went for a walk (with a map and phone) to the shops. It really is not far! Did a round trip and back in 20 minutes. So glad I didn’t get lost this time.

Had a quick trip to Brands Hatch near Perry and Lin’s place. It used to be the Grand Prix circuit. Today there were motorbikes on it. I can still hear them roaring around.
On to an English village for a tour and tea at Riverside Tearoom in Eynsford where the River Daren’t crosses a ford. Back in time to meet Mike Whelan (who was waiting for us because we were late back) for lunch at the Moat. Bangers and mash for me, Cornish pasties for the boys. Trifle for dessert was scrumptious. We could have talked all afternoon about the family tree but Mike needed to pick up Marilyn.
Trust me to forget the key to get back in when we were finished. Lin and Perry were both out! All was not lost as we talked to Mike a bit longer and Lin came back from the shops shortly after.