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June 26, 2013

23 June 2013 Wala

Brekkie with Peter, Pat, Steve and Mick. Off to the gym for a workout. Not all machines I use are available. Booked another pampering session at AquaSpa. Reluctantly did a load of washing at the launderette with a dozen other people. Man next to me gave great instructions on how things work there. Laundry culture! Went to get coffee while I was waiting. Back to wait for the dryer. Read while I waited. Had to leave early for my Salon Sampler session-collagen, facial, head massage.
Met Peter in the room before he went ashore in Wala. Talked to Sue and Sharon a while. Had lunch alone until Pat came back from Wala and joined me.
Took the tender boat to Wala and walked through the markets on the beach. Had a couple of tours through the village for a $5 donation. Photos of natives were by donation. Not much else to buy. Swam in the water so I could at least get wet. Very rocky. Should have brought my reef shoes. Back on the boat about 3pm. The boys were not back yet. We start getting worried about 3.30pm. Last tender is at 4pm and they have been over there since 10am. Mick turns up about 4pm very drunk. Tim and Peter went straight to their rooms in the same state.
Save seats on deck for the Cirque show but it doesn’t go ahead as it’s raining. Sharon, Pat and I get dinner in shifts when Tim turns up. We go to look at the day’s photos and buy three. They start the dance party through the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond early. The Pacific Entertainers are dressed up and dance in between everyone. It’s a lot of fun. By the time they get to the 90s I am boiling and exhausted. No one else is left at the table so I wander inside. Listen to a guitar duo in Connexions, wander around the duty free merchandise Great Expectations is playing in The Marquee so I watch that to the end then off to the snoring husband.