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June 26, 2015

26 June 2015 Melbourne to Bendigo

Off on the Vline train to Bendigo this morning. Grabbed my bike and took Metro to Southern Cross station. The Bendigo train leaves from platform 16B. After I traipsed up the lift to the lower number platforms I had to catch the lift again to the suburban end! After a fairly uneventful 2 hours of reading I arrived in Bendigo about midday. I had forgotten that View St is on a steep slope. Riding up to my accommodation (Barclay on View) for the next 3 days tested my stamina.

Off to Aunt Daisy’s Tea Rooms just down View St for a very tasty vege focaccia for lunch. Very quaint decor with old tea sets and candelabra around the place.

Back on the bike and off to the Prince of Wales Showground in Nth Bendigo for CraftAlive. A massive craft show and artisan arts show. Plenty of scrapbooking, patch working and all sorts of stalls, even a sweet stall from Altona! I talked to Duncan bespoke bootmaker on the painstaking task of crafting custom made shoes, a printmaker at Hipcat Printery from Footscray (!) and Doug Moseley Blacksmith about his wares. There was also Wayne from Sew What in Maryborough who told me my mum’s Singer sewing machine was probably from the 100th anniversary and should have a blue seal on it somewhere! Will check it out when I get home. Pat, I’m sure you’ll be interested to know I talked to Heather from Heather’s Quilting Emporium in Moama! Yes, the one we walked for hours to find in vain. I have a list of their quilting retreats now. Just for something different I created a bookmark by jabbing a needle into strands of wool and silk through felt. Not sure of the technical terms. I thought I was going to dye fabric but went to the wrong workshop.

To kill time before dinner I set off down View St to the Alexandra Fountain to follow Walk 1 CBD urban walk from the Bendigo Walks brochure. Turn left into Pall Mall, past the Soldiers Memorial Museum, Queen Victoria statue, Bendigo information centre, former Law Courts, and Shamrock Hotel on the opposite side. The white conservatory stands out among the bright green grassed area with old style iron fencing surround. Keep walking along Pall Mall to the Chinese Gateway and turn left towards the Chinese temple, gardens and the Golden Dragon Museum. Across Bridge St to Rosalind Park, past the fernery, Bendigo Senior Secondary College and the massive heritage building of Camp Hill Primary School. The poppet head shines like a beacon with the setting sun behind it. I have climbed to the top before but never noticed the mosaics around  the bottom of it.

Whew! Back to my hotel for a short rest before dinner at Borchelli’s, a slightly longer walk down View St, for vege risotto with big variety of vegetables, and lemon and chilli tart with REAL cream. The end of a perfect day.

April 2, 2015

150402 Melbourne to Echuca

Had a relaxing day after doing my workout at the gym this morning. Lunch at the ‘Pint of Milk’ after Peter left for Echuca by car.
Said goodbye to Craig who is off to Boogie for Easter. Loaded my panniere onto my bike and rode to Newport station.

So glad I caught the train to Echuca from Southern Cross station. Got a seat no problem and found a space for the bike nearby. By Footscray the train was getting packed and some people didn’t have seats! It took 3 1/2 hours but I was happy to veg out and read for most of the way.

Peter met me at Echuca station then I rode to the Steampacket Inn where we’re staying for the long weekend. It is a cute little place on the end of The Port. If you blink you’d miss it. Great spot, close to everything. I had a look around at dusk. The cockies were going ballistic trying to find a perch for the night. They looked spectacular swooping around the Murray River in waves of white. Quite a sight. Not sure the pictures I took do it justice.

Off to the Star Hotel for dinner. Spag and meatballs for Peter. Chicken penne for me. Just hit the spot.

July 21, 2014

18 to 21 July To Ballarat by train

18 July 2014
Left work at 3pm to meet Pat at Southern Cross station. We caught the 3.20pm train to Ballarat for our extended weekend. Great timing for the train. Plenty of other bike riders doing the same thing. Journey took just over an hour. Our accommodation at Soldier’s Hill was very close to Ballarat station and we got there in a few minutes. Anna met us and let us into the great apartment we had for the weekend. She has 3 small children and raced to meet us with them all. We explored the place a little and I took photos before it got too dark.
About 6pm we ventured out to the shopping centre to find somewhere for dinner. Not a lot open that we could find but we did find L’Espresso in Sturt St. I’ve been there before but it’s a bit different now. The gnocchi was divine. Pat had it as well but without the pancetta. It was melt in your mouth good. None of the desserts came with cream so we weren’t tempted at all. Back to the apartment for an early bedtime. We were both really tired.

19 July 2014
Slept really well. My bed is really comfy and I wasn’t keen to leave it this morning. Went to find somewhere for breakfast and ended up at L’Espresso again. Scrambled eggs with salmon were good too. We cruised the shops but didn’t find any that were inspiring. Went all the way to the Bridge Mall but a lot of them were vacant. Decided to go for a bike ride and found our way to Lake Wendouree. There was quite a lot of rain last night and the lake is very high. Last time I saw it it was empty. We rode past many boat sheds, an 1956 Olympic memorial, lots of moorhens (I think that’s what they are), swans and ducks. It’s bigger than I remember although I’ve never been all the way around before. We stopped for lunch at Ballarat Yacht Club (had to sign in!) that had a great view of the lake. Pat had potato and leek soup, I had tortellini. Not as good as last night’s meal though. No tempting desserts there either.
After poring over the maps we had, we decided to find the Ballarat-Skipton rail trail. From the official map it looked like it started near the Avenue of Honour arch. After tearing our hair out for a while we looked at the map on my phone and discovered it was a good deal down Sturt St from where we were. By the time we found it we’d had enough and only rode as far as it crossed Sturt St again and came back. By then it was about 4pm and getting decidedly chilly! Relaxing now before we decide where to go for dinner.
Went to Jackson & Co just down Lydiard St a bit. We couldnt see it until we were right in front of it on the corner of Mair St. It was a little bit like a pub but with really good meals. I had a steak (unlike me) that was so tender it melted in your mouth. We lashed out and shared a lemon cheesecake with real cream! That was worth being bad for. We were pretty tired from our energetic day so back to the apartment for another early night.

20 July 2014
Where to have breakfast today? Straight down Lydiard St there wasn’t much open on a Sunday. We found a cafe at the George Hotel. Had great porridge with rhubarb.
Our next adventure was to try to find the start of the Yarrowee river trail not far from our apartment. It was a bit of a trial but we finally did it down a few steps. The ‘river’ was a large drain until we went quite a long way and it turned into more like a creek. Plenty of wildlife if you looked hard enough. We ended up at Gong Gong Reservoir but couldn’t find any body of water. Kirks Reservoir across the road was much more picturesque with a garden, bridges and walkways to explore. There was a large body of water as well. We should have brought some food as there was nothing close by. Going back the same way was a good deal quicker. Back into Lydiard St to the Java Cafe for a vege wrap for lunch. Bit of a rest then off to find the other end of the Yarrowee river trail. The river goes underneath the city of Ballarat and comes out further downstream at Grant St. We found the other end and followed it to find a power station in similar style as the pumping station at Scienceworks. Complete with massive chimney. Not far from there the drain turned into a river again and we followed the trail to another reservoir in Sebastapol. We could hear loud bangs that sounded like guns disturbing the peace. It was getting late so we turned back. On the way back we stopped at Redan Wetlands for some photo opportunities. The sun was out and it was quite warming. Along the way we had been seeing plenty of tiny red marked birds. I finally got a picture of them. They are so cute. Back to the apartment for a shower and rest.
Had Thai food tonight for dinner. Steamed barramundi with ginger and vegetables. Mmm. Pat had pad thai. Our last night. Ohhhh!

21 July 2014
Back to L’Espresso for breakfast this morning. Creamed rice wasn’t available so I settled for toasted muesli with fruit and yoghurt (something different!). We walked around the shops again but didn’t find anything inspiring this time either. Many of them are empty. Myers and Target are identical to Melbourne’s versions. Oh well back to the apartment for the last time. Clean up, pack up and off to Ballarat station and home again.
We had a fantastic time. The weather was cold but not windy or wet. No snow either!