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July 30, 2012

26 July 2012 London to Gloucester

Caught a Circle line train at High St Kensington to Paddington after having breakfast at the Muffin Shop instead of the hotel. At Paddington I caught a Great Western Cheltenham Spa line train to Gloucester. Trains have video screens but you need your own earphones. There’s also a socket for charging electrical appliances.

Mary and Eric Southgate picked me up at the station. Thank goodness as I didn’t know how to get to Churchdown! We talked for a while then Eric took me to St Bartholomew’s Church, built in about 600AD. He used to play around there when he was young. He also pointed out a pub that my Dad used to frequent. They cooked me dinner and some of their familycame around to see me. Stephen, partner Bec and her daughter Olivia; Trevor by himself; Avril who’s pregnant; Sheena, Leo and Louisa. David was the only one who couldn’t come.