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April 14, 2013

130413 Fremantle to Rottnest Island

Walked to B Shed at Fremantle Harbour about 9am. Had coffee while I waited for the 9.30am ferry to Rottnest Island to come in. It takes about half an hour to get there. Rode from The Settlement clockwise towards the Wadjemup Lighthouse. Took me a couple of hours because I went the wrong way and had to double back! At least I realised I had. Had lunch at the foot of the lighthouse. There’s a fairly spectacular view of the island from there. Crossed through the Pink Lakes to the other side of the island towards Parakeet Bay. Paddled a little at Little Parakeet Bay. Stopped at a cafe at Geordie Bay. There are many cabins and camping spots all over the island. Some are a bit newer than others. The original prison at The Settlement is now Rottnest Lodge! It was originally for aboriginal prisoners and then they added delinquent boys! What a life! Very harsh in the 1800s. Also dipped my toes in the water at The Basin. Kind of wished I’d taken my bathers. Thought it would be too cold but the water wasn’t cold at all. Walked around The Settlement shops to wait for the ferry back to Fremantle. Apart from the march flies it was a spectacular trip!