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May 18, 2015

17 & 18 Apr 2015 Murwillumbah-Tweed Heads-Coolangatta-Kirra to Melbourne

17 Apr 2015

Dinner again at Phil and Barbara’s place. Homemade pasta this time. They really have spoilt me rotten. Chilled out in front of the TV. Ben and Sammy joined us for a while. Ben was still suffering from a hangover from the precious night. That’s why they didn’t join us for lunch. Took a photo of them both to add to the many others I have for the family tree.
18 Apr 2015
Walked to Sugar Beat again for breakfast. They really have the best bircher muesli. Packed up just in time for Barb to get to the door. She drove me to Tweed Heads, Coolangatta and Kirra stopping for various photo opportunities. It really has changed a lot since we were there. Much more built up with high-rises and many shops. Went to Point Danger, which sounded familiar. I think I have been there before but it all looks so different. So many surfers trying to catch a wave.
Stopped to have lunch at a fish and chip shop on the foreshore. The local birds are a menace. Barb through a piece of fish on the grass and they came from everywhere! No wonder there are ‘do not feed the birds’ signs everywhere. The salmon was great so I wasn’t sharing it with any birds.
Barb dropped me off at the airport and I haven’t got much time before the flight boards. My short break is at an end and I’m really sad. Have really had a great time and seen a lot in a short time. Many thanks to Barb and Phil.
May 17, 2015

17 Apr 2015 Around Murwillumbah again and Tumbulgum

Went the wrong way along Byangum Rd and someone called out my name to say ‘hi’! I waved but am still not sure who they were! Thank goodness for phone maps.

Breakfast at The Modern Grocer this morning. Great muesli, fruit and yoghurt, and coffee. Back up the big hill to the Lions Lookout for a better look around. Still not a very clear view but it is a good workout.

Went to Tumbulgum Tavern for lunch with Barb, Phil, Karri, Brett, Jevon and Cat. Great view across to the Tweed River. The chicken special was delicious. The huge outdoor area and dining room caters to heaps of people.

Said goodbye to Jevin and Cat and went off to see Olive at Heritage Lodge. Phil wheeled her into a spot near the window with a garden view. I was very disturbed to see a sign on the door forbidding they be left open because the pythons would get in! I’m not kidding! They are not poisonous but would give you a nasty scare.

Olive smiled a lot today. She seemed to recognise us all and have a good time. It was great to see. Karri and Brett brought little Nicholas and she was fascinated by him. We had a cup of tea with her and spent about an hour there. So glad she seemed to recognise me this time. More like the Olive I remember.

Quick stop at the motel for my laptop and then on to Phil and Barb’s place in Dungay (pronounced Dun gee). It’s claim to fame is that the British ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ has been filmed here for about 5 years. Very tight security though. It is very dense bushland and quite remote anyway.

Had a look around their property of 50 acres for the first time in daylight. It is quite rugged bushland. They have cattle, chooks, a duck and 5 dogs. Phil also runs a business in Tweed Heads! Not sure where they find the time for both.

On my guided tour tonight I discovered a wooden clothes horse made by our Grandpa Haw just like the one I have. Phil wasn’t aware that’s where it came from though.

I am sad that this is my last night. It’s been a really relaxing and recuperative break for me. Just what I needed. Thanks very much to Phil and Barb and their family for looking after me so well.

May 15, 2015

14-15 Apr 2015 Murwillumbah

14 Apr 2015

Phil picked me up and we went to see his Mum (my aunt Olive) at Heritage Lodge, a long way down the road I’m staying on. It is a beautiful place with great facilities and caring staff.

Unfortunately we don’t think Olive recognised me. She was watching TV in the communal lounge and Phil pushed her into her room so we could talk. Well, she can’t really talk, just with facial expressions. Phil made a cup of tea and we talked and watched the news, which is his habit most week nights with his Mum.

I tried to talk to her but she had a wary look on her face. Maybe another time she might recognise me!

Phil took me to his place where Barb had cooked dinner for us, together with their son Ben, and his girlfriend Sammy (who are living with them at the moment). They have five dogs between them all, two large and three small. We talked a bit about how hard it is when your parents age and you have to make decisions about their health.

I didn’t stay too late. The fire was warm and my eyes would not stay open!

15 Apr 2015

Barb met me about 9am and we walked into Murwillumbah to have breakfast at the Austral Cafe. Both of us had raisin toast and coffee. Just as well we didn’t have much as we met Karri, Brett, his mum, dad and sister for lunch at Take a Break Cafe in Sunnyside Mall. Karri and Brett have a new baby boy, just 10 weeks old, called Nicholas. He is a cute little thing. I gave them a patchwork bag as a present.

Continued my walk along the river over the far side this time. The information centre is just near the bridge. Spent a bit of time talking to the ladies in there for ideas on what to do or see.

Walked up Wharf St towards the motel and had lemongrass tea and a brownie at Cenzo Cafe. Studied all the info I picked up. Byron Bay is not far away so some of it will be helpful when I come back in October for a yoga retreat.

Back to my room to pretty myself up. Going to a concert in Tweed Heads at Twin Towns featuring Glen Shorrock, Brian Cadd, Kate Ceberano and Joe Camilleri in the APIA Good Times Tour! I am so excited. One of Barb and Phil’s friends can’t go so I’m taking her ticket. Out for dinner before. Should be great!