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September 30, 2013

30 September 2013 On the way home from Warburton

Woke up to an extremely windy day in Warburton. I was worried about whether I could ride the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail or would have to get the bus again! It turned out the wind was in my favour for most of the way. I took a lot of short breaks and took in the scenery. It really is spectacular. So green and many birds to see along the way. Lots of ducks as well as parrots. There were a few crazy people riding the other way to me. I made good time and got to Wandin where I had lunch at 11.30am after leaving at 9am. Great cafe just off the rail trail. Took 3/4 hour to gather some strength for the rest of the journey after a chicken and salad sandwich and two coffees. Reached Lilydale in time to get the 1.10pm train to Flinders St. Just caught the Williamstown train by a few seconds. So glad I didn’t have to wait. Much better than the journey to Lilydale!

September 30, 2013

29 Sep 2013 Warburton

Feeling much better today after my ordeal yesterday. Dinner last night at the Riverview Cafe was great. Vege pizza and baked cheesecake (I know my resistance is down). 

Was up early (unusual for me on a Sunday) and watched three or four different parrots eating the seed I had left them in the bird feeder on the balcony last night. It’s obvious that they look for it. There was seed provided in the accommodation for the birds to munch on. What a treat. They are so gorgeously coloured that it is only when they are up close you can truly appreciate them. Bright greens, blues and reds.

This morning I rode to the Millgrove Market not far along the rail trail. It is much better weather than yesterday. The wind has died down and the sun is peeping out. I sat in the sun at the Millgrove Bakery and had coffee and an egg and bacon sandwich. It wasn’t greasy at all. Really enjoyed it. 

Browsed the market which is mostly secondhand goods but some stalls of jewellery and clothing. I bought a soft floaty black and white scarf and a silver and black double strand stretchy bracelet that would be good to copy. Total of $9 was a bargain. 

Rode back along the rail trail to Glenbrook House. Trying to sort out the GoPro card which says it is full. I have pulled a heap of stuff off and it is still not co-operating. It works okay in my camera! Off for a walk now then lunch.

From Glenbrook Rd I turned right into Station Rd, turned left at the police station and left into Warburton Hwy. Crossed the swing bridge and left along the Yarra River beside Dammans Rd. Walked to where I stayed last time at Clematis Cottage on the corner of Martyr Rd. Didn’t see it advertised when I was looking for accommodation this time. Crossed the Mayer Bridge and past the tennis court where the swing bridge is. Beside Thomas Ave there were ducks cavorting in the water. They are quite spectacular when they land and also very cute. Went on further past the Brisbane Bridge (for cars) and the Bramich Bridge near Warburton Reserve and children’s playground. On a little further there is a spectacular clutch of Californian redwood trees dated circa 1922. It is so unexpected and unusual. As I pass there are other walkers admiring them. They are truly special. On the opposite side of the fence towards the Warburton Hwy there is a great expanse of land for the Redwood Community Centre. Further along the river path is the Redwood bridge made out of redwood. The path stops at the Signs Bridge (cars) on the Warburton Hwy side but continues on the other side past more tennis courts to barbecues on Woods Point Rd where it crosses the river again and comes back on Riverside Drive. I go back to the Redwood Bridge and cross to the far side where I enjoy the scenery from the opposite side of the river. Back across the Brisbane Bridge to the shopping centre. A brief stop at the Waterwheel information and on to the Cog Cafe for lunch.

The Cog Cafe is perched near the end of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail trail and today is packed with diners. It is ideally situated under many shady trees with dappled sunlight. There are many people – walkers and bikers alike – making full use of the lunchtime menu. I order a chicken and pear wrap and my usual skinny cappuccino and perch myself inside, near the open window. It is a great place to watch people coming and going. 

Back to Glenbrook Cottage to make the most of the sun-filled balcony to watch the multi-coloured parrots feed while I read the paper. Ah bliss! There is a large green parrot with an orange belly on the bird feeder at the moment. Later two sulphur-crested cockatoos were balancing on the bird feeder.

Took a walk up Highfield Rd, which overlooks the Warburton shopping centre. Boinga Bobs house/workshop is a sight to see. It is a mishmash of wood and rope and whatever else they could get their hands on fashioned into a workshop on one side of the road and a house (I think) on the other. Best viewed from the walking track in between Highfield Rd and the shopping centre. It might account for the few hippies I’ve seen dressed like it’s still the 1960s!

Off to Wild Thyme for dinner tonight. Not much open on a Sunday. I had pumpkin penne which was like soup. Not the greatest. The waitress was new and wasn’t familiar with the menu. It was like intruding on someone’s house. Very weird.